Meet our Teachers

We’re licensed, experienced Taiwanese teachers and Vietnamese teacher who are dedicated to innovative language teaching. We're professional in teaching Mandarin as foreign languages, we love to share,and we hope every of our students speak authentic Mandarin Chinese.
Chen, Huifang
Taiwanese Teacher

PhD candidate in Teaching Chinese.
 years' teaching experience.

      Chang, Yulun
  Taiwanese Teacher

University lecturer experience in USA, Vietnam and Russia.

Master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

Pham Thanh Xuyen
Vietnamese teacher

University lecturer in Vietnam.

9 years' teaching experience.

Tran Thi Hien
Vietnamese Teacher

Master of Applied Linguistics, Guangxi Normal University.
10 years' teaching experience.


Ly Ha Mai
Vietnamese Teacher

Bachelor of Wuhan University.
5 years' teaching experience.


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Monday - Friday  09:30 - 21:00

Saturday  09:30 - 17:00


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02-432-444-258  (Vietnam)

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